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Young Adults

Those from College age to 30 Something are in a period of unmatched opportunity for growth and ministry.  They're also in a time of unique needs.  Our Young Adult Bible Community is a ministry where young adults can connect with one another in following Christ. 

Young Adult Bible Community

We used to call this a "Sunday School class," but changed the name because it's not a "class".  It's a fellowship or "Community" of guess what?  Young Adults.  On Sunday mornings, before the worship service, we meet in a nearby home for refreshments, discussion of a portion of the Bible or Biblical topic and prayer.  You're welcome to join us any time.

When:  Sundays 9:15 - 10:15 am

Where: the Bauers

Current Topic:  "Top Ten Proofs" for what and why we believe what we believe.

Contact:  Dan Bauer

Young Adult Weekly Game Night

While we come planning on playing games, but it's really another excuse to get together and have fun.  Sometimes we don't get to the game at all, and instead find some great fellowship and encouragement has taken place. 

When:  Thursdays, 7:30 pm

Where: the Halley's

Contact:  Tyson Halley  (630) 532-2584

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