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What to Expect

Some people visit a church unsure of what they're looking for.  While others can tell you they're looking for a relationship with God.  Then there are those who already have a church, but for whatever reason, they are looking for a new one.

Whatever your reason is, visiting a new church can be awkward and strange.  There's new people and new surroundings.  As strange as it may be, we want you to know that we welcome you as our guest.  We don't want to intrude, but at the same time, we would rather risk that than you walking away feeling like no one cared or was interested in you.  Our prayer is that we would be a blessing in your life and one day make Village Bible Church your church "home."  Here's what we hope you will find.

A Warm Welcome

We often take 2-3 minutes in our service to allow people to get up and greet others.  We especially want to say hello to you.  That's part of letting you know we care and are interested.  It's a pretty short time to get to know one another, but hopefully, you'll pick the conversation back up after the service.

People Just Like You

While we have different backgrounds, down deep we have much in common.  We have joys, desires and struggles.  We're also all flawed.  But God is at work in us.  We know we aren't perfect and don't expect you to be either.  Come as you are.  We're here to help each other grow to become passionate followers of Jesus Christ.

Authentic Worship

Our services are a mixture of worship in song and worship in the Word.  With an intentional blend of traditional and contemporary, some Sundays are led by our praise band and others by a worship team and a piano.  More important than style, we want more than anything that our worship be a genuine, heart-felt responses to God for who He is and what He's done in our lives.

Biblical Messages

You'd expect a church with the name Village Bible Church would make a priority of the Bible.  We do.  Most of the time our pastor teaches through books of the Bible.  We want people to be able to see that what's being taught is actually there in the text, not just someone's opinion.  There are times messages are topical or a special series on a subject.  But even then they'll be grounded in the Word of God, the Bible.

A Place You Can Grow

Our mission is that we are striving to be and helping others to be passionate followers of Jesus Christ.  Another way of saying that is that we're here to help one another grow as followers of Jesus.  Think about it.  When we come to Christ, none of us know what to do next.  We all need other people to help us.  That's the way God designed it.  The ministries at Village Bible Church are all geared to that end.

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