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Our Mission & Values

Our Values:

Word of God-

We value the Bible, the Word of God.  It is God’s infallible, inspired, flawless communication to teach us truth about what to believe and how to live.  So in our services the Bible is preached, explained in detail and communicated as to how it applies to our lives.  (Jn 17:3, 2 Tim 3:16 – 17).


We value prayer.  It is the means by which we communicate with God in order to express our worship, thankfulness, gratitude, personal needs and the needs of others.  So time for prayer is included in both our Sunday service and one designated evening weekly (Acts 2:42, Col 4:2).


We value serving others.  It is using the unique abilities God has gifted us with to minister to others.  It helps others grow in Christ.  So we encourage people to find ways to help others , whether it’s in ‘official’ ministry roles or meaningful encounters as we gather or during the week.  We also encourage people to find ways to show God’s love in serving in the community (Matt 20:28, 2 Col 4:5, 1 Pet 4:10).

Sharing the gospel-

We value sharing the gospel with those who don’t know Christ.  The gospel is the message that Jesus died and rose from the dead to pay for our sins; sinful man’s only hope for forgiveness from God.  So we provide training, schedule outreaches into the community and encourage all to go speak to anyone they encounter about Christ (Acts 1:8, Matt 28: 19-20, 2 Co 5:20).

Meaningful relationships-

We value meaningful relationships with others who know Christ.  We are united by Christ’s love and forgiveness.  How we relate is living out that reality.  So we take opportunities to encourage and build up one-another.  We take the time to spend quality time together and invest in one-another’s lives (Heb 10: 24-25, Rom 12:10, Jn 13: 34-35).


We value God, therefore we value worshiping Him.  It is our expression of devotion, thanks, love and adoration to our Lord and Savior.  So our services include singing songs, time for prayer and giving of our tithes and offerings, all as a form of worship.  In addition, we strive to live our lives daily to glorify God (Eph 5:18-20, Matt 14:33).

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